Chubbs Peterson's Fantasy Golf




Everything is the same as last year as far as rules and price.   Remember it is a one - and - done league.  Once you pick a golfer, you can no longer pick that golfer again. 

(Well ya can, you just won't get their prize money) 


We are starting with the Waste Management Open and ending as usual with The MASTERS.  ALL picks must be in the day before the tournament begins. (Wednesday)

Due to COVID, this will be an online league and we hope to be back in the clubhouse when we can be at more than 50% capacity! Stay Safe all!


Any questions contact Chubbs.




























Remember when picking your golfer each Wednesday, we also have BURGER BASH every Wednesday 5-7pm.

Take Out Only





2010 -     John Crossley $3,595,450

2011 -   Kerry Murphy $3,787,827

2012 -      Team Helmer $3,533,945

2013 -  Corky Mangine $4,023,641

2014 -    Tim Lerow $3,952,73008,234

2015 -  Allen Chase $5,095,845

2017 - 

2018 -

2019 -

2020 -

2021 -

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